About The Dark Wire

The genesis of The Dark Wire came from the overwhelming amount of news not covered by traditional news outlets. We feel stories and information being circulated throughout the many media platforms available have people’s heads spinning. With so much bias and spin, there’s little time left to cover all the news. Dark Wire seeks to expose, cover and report on these topics which are currently underserved. From border wars and opioid abuse to Pakistani War Lords and South African genocide; Dark Wire will bring you information and coverage you will not get anywhere else.

Mission Statement

In a time where free speech is under attack and censorship is rampant, The Dark Wire: an Investigation Foundation is dedicated to exposing corruption and telling the stories others have neglected to tell. The foundation does this uniquely by training journalists to strip away the bias and expose the truth. We will cut through the noise, inform the public and be a voice for the voiceless by the principles granted in the American Constitution.