Cincinnati man convicted of human trafficking

David Barron, 39, was convicted Monday on human trafficking charges after he forced a woman into prostitution and abused her. According to the prosecutor’s office, Barron will soon face sentencing for three counts of trafficking in humans, two counts of felonious assault, three counts of promoting prostitution, and one count of unlawful restraint.

“These types of cases are some of the most difficult to prosecute because perpetrators prey on very vulnerable victims—those with significant substance abuse issues, housing issues, employment issues, even
criminal histories. To the world, sometimes these women don’t look like victims at all. But they absolutely are. The perpetrators force these victims to engage in sexual activity against their will, and if they refuse,
the perpetrators will beat, torture, and threaten them. And these victims rarely report their situation to law enforcement because the perpetrators have convinced them, “Who will believe you?”, Prosecutor David
P. Fornshell said.

The female victim was forced by Barron into prostitution, operating from two hotels in Mason, Ohio and one in Blue Ash, Ohio. Barron also required that all money made by his victim be given to him. The victim was also physically abused, including being beaten with phone cords and burned with a methamphetamine pipe, according to the prosecutor.

Jennie Taer

Jennie Taer