Greece’s Oldest Holocaust Survivor Dies at the Age of 96

Esther Cohen, Greece’s oldest Holocaust survivor, passed away Tuesday at the age of 96, according to the Greek City Times.

There are now only 20 Greek Jews that survived the Holocaust who are still alive.

Cohen was one of the very few Greek Jews who survived. She was the only survivor in her family as her parents and six siblings were killed in the genocide.

At the age of 17, Cohen was transported to the concentration camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

She was able to escape from the concentration camp after a German doctor of Jewish descent hid her in the infirmary as everyone else was marched to the crematorium.

Cohen returned to her hometown of Ioannina in northern Greece with a few other dozen Jews, where she resided since.

In March of 2014, Cohen made headlines across the world when she met former German President Joachim Gauck in Ioannina.

She told the fmr. German president, “When we die, the world must realize that man should not be inhuman.”

The German president then embraced her and the moment was captured in a photograph that appeared on front pages of newspapers around the world.

Cohen died of natural causes. Her funeral services will be held on Thursday.

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