Hawaii GOP shake-up after speaker outed for previous Holocaust denial statements

The local Hawaii GOP chapter recently hosted an online event with an online activist who has previously made statements denying the Holocaust. After being made aware of the event and speaker by The Dark Wire: An Investigation Foundation, senior members of the GOP denounced the Hawaii GOP event, which hosted Tarl Warwick as a guest speaker. On Twitter, the social media pundit goes by the name “Styx666Official” and has more than 85,000 followers.

In one video, Warwick stated that “whatever the death toll was” referencing the Holocaust, ” you cannot say that every death was the result of execution.”

The Dark Wire couldn’t confirm the date the statements were made. According to Warwick, it was years ago.

Warwick was contacted by this reporter Tuesday for fair comment and in a back and forth he stated, “Ah good, the producer of the Sara Carter show. Still waiting to be apologized to for amplifying slander levied against me by people with hammer and sickle avatars who couldn’t debate me on the topic of Kaballlah”

He did provide a video response and more comment, which is published in this report.

Hawaii GOP did not immediately respond to TheDarkWire.com’s request for comment. However, the GOP branch appears to be under scrutiny for other issues related to the use of its social media platform.

On Sunday, Vice Chair of Communications, Edwin Boyette, resigned for tweeting support for QAnon. Boyette is also likely responsible for a tweet promoting the event with the Holocaust denier.

Hawaii Republican Chair Col. Shirlene Ostrov accepted “full responsibility for the unauthorized tweets,” in a statement posted to Twitter early Thursday.

“To our friends in the Jewish community, we find the comments to be deeply disturbing and offensive and have no place in our party much less our country,” Ostrov added.

Warwick has previously denied the Holocaust to his thousands of followers in online videos. StopAntiSemitism.org was first to denounce Warwick’s participation in the event hosted by the Hawaii GOP chapter. The chapter warned warned, in a since-deleted tweet, that Warwick “frequently uses profanity…” but still his “analysis is generally high quality.”

In one previous video, Warwick can be seen stating of the Holocaust, “Whatever the death toll was, you cannot say that every death was the result of execution. It is true, for example, that the Zyklon B that, when I was a kid they always said yeah, they gassed them with Zyklon B. The problem being Zyklon B is actually a delousing agent. This is not speculation or a conspiracy theory.”

He continued, “Zyklon B continued to be used to disinfect mail and travelers’ clothing as part of the delousing process into the 1960s. It’s a mostly harmless chemical. You would have to get it all over yourself. The thing is, these handprints that people talk about on the walls and so forth, they can’t even prove they’re temporary to the time period. They show the gas chamber at Auschwitz, the problem being the gas chamber at Auschwitz is actually a showering facility. The actual chamber that would’ve been the gas chamber is a far smaller unit with some pumps in it. The famous Auschwitz shower was quite literally a showering station. They’ve got like swimming pools at these places.”

“I believe that there were death camps, of course, there were. However, what’s not clear if this was a deliberate extermination effort on a grand scale or whether they were primarily focusing on eliminating criminals and the sick.”

Warwick was also asked to respond to his previous statements about the Holocaust death toll, to which he said, “I already have; that edited and context-free clip is eight or nine years old and I have repeatedly disavowed it, notably on Buntyking’s channel around 2017 or so. It is posted constantly by leftists in bad faith, knowing that most people will not bother to check when it was made or whether it remotely resembles my actual views. To be clear, I was not an analyst or a professional political commentator back at the dawn of the 2010s and so my fact checking (ie zyklon etc) was subpar. I do not expect that this reality will be reflected in your upcoming hit piece against me, since the entire purpose of this canard is a dog whistle to the cancel culturalists because I offend and oppose the lamestream media”

BuntyKing didn’t immediately respond to this reporter’s request for a copy of the video, which couldn’t be found on his Youtube page.

In a statement to The Dark Wire, StopAntisemitism.org said, “We applaud the Hawaii GOP for taking a stand against Holocaust denier Tarl Warwick aka ‘Styx’,” adding “Despite Warwick now claiming he’s not who he’s being made out to be, his 2017 tweets and prior YouTube videos clearly say otherwise. Albeit embarrassed after being exposed, we hope he can put his ego aside and apologize for his horrific social media posts/videos.”

Representative Val Okimoto, a member of the local Republican chapter, condemned Warwick’s recent appearance.

“The statements made and the event hosted on the Hawai’I GOP Twitter are appalling and unacceptable,” Okimoto told this reporter. “The Vice-Chair of Communications, who was previously in charge of communications for the Party, has since resigned. I condemn all forms of anti-Semitism and baseless conspiracies to the fullest. While I support freedom of speech, what was presented does not represent me or my values, and is ultimately damaging our great country.”

The Dark Wire founder Sara A. Carter tweeted on Monday and asked House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy if he was “aware” of the Hawaii GOP event, which she called “absolutely wrong and unacceptable.”

A spokesperson for House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy told The Dark Wire, β€œAnti-Semitism has no place in American society, let alone the Republican party. Leader McCarthy will continue to work to stamp out this hateful ideology.” 

In response to Carter’s tweets, Warwick posted a video to his Youtube channel accusing her of “defamation.”

Warwick asked, “Did you bother to fact check what was being posted at all, or did you just decide that it was true because it was from a group that you happen to like? I’m gonna assume the latter.

He added, “I do not deny the Holocaust, and the idea that I’m a bigot or a Nazi in any fashion is completely false. It’d be nice to have an apology, but I’m not gonna hold my breath waiting for it. To be clear, I’m already archiving posts in preparation for a potential legal suit, I’ve already contacted legal aid, I’ve already contacted an attorney because I’m tired of it.”

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