Countering Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is another major crisis that is occurring at our southern border and in the United States. Dark Wire plans in 2020 to work on a new feature documentary that explores this southern border crisis and the impact of human trafficking. 


Current estimates are between 14,000 to 17,500 people that are illegally trafficked across our southern border each year. Roughly seventy-five percent of these people are women and children, with some as young as five years old. This is not just a U.S. problem but is a worldwide problem of an estimated 30 million people in slavery and a $150 billion industry. 


The Dark Wire believes we need to better educate the American people on the dangers of human trafficking and plans to develop a documentary in conjunction with our partner Full Story Foundation in 2020. 


Policy Goals: 


• Become a reliable source for members of Congress. 

• Become a reliable source for the Executive Branch. 

• Become a reliable source for state officials. 

• Become a reliable source of information for the public. 


Marketing Goals: 


• Develop awareness and credibility with the national news media. 

• Develop awareness and credibility in the blogosphere. 


Education Goals: 


• Develop a documentary to raise awareness. 


Measurement of Success: 


• Our experts are invited to work with one House or Senate Committee on credible proposals to address the human trafficking crisis. 

• Our experts are invited to testify before one House or Senate Committee. 


• Our experts are invited to work with state governments on credible proposals to address the human trafficking crisis. • The national news media seeks a quote from one of our experts and / or seeks data when writing a story about the human trafficking epidemic. 


• Our investigative reporting findings are frequently referred to in editorials and blog posts by national editorial writers. 


• Produce documentary films posted on Netflix, Hulu, and other major streaming services

Our Reporting On Human Trafficking