Jersey City remembers the victims of antisemitic attack on one-year anniversary


Thursday, Dec 10 marks the one-year anniversary of a hate-fueled attack that killed three people and a police officer at a Jewish market in Jersey City. It is considered to be one of the worst hate crimes in New Jersey history.

The shooting left four people dead, including grocery owner Leah Mindy Ferencz, store customer Moshe Hirsch Deutsch, store employee Douglas Miguel Rodriguez Barzola and Jersey City detective Joseph Seals.

It is understood that the shooters in the attack were also planning to target a yeshiva next door that had 50 children inside at the time of the assault. However, their plans miraculously didn’t come to fruition.

The Jewish community in Jersey City is still mourning the losses, especially today, on the one year anniversary of the attack.

Carla Main, a board member of Bnai Jacob Congregation in Jersey City, helped to organize a memorial event to honor the victims.

“We are located in Jersey City in a neighborhood called Greenville and the shooting in the kosher market happened in the Greenville neighborhood. It was very personal for us and it impacted us in a very personal and emotional way,” Main said.

The Greenville neighborhood is a diverse community that is home to many people of different faiths and backgrounds. It is clear to many that the area has changed since last year’s attack. The members of Bnai Jacob Congregation have come together to help mend the relationships within the community.

“It certainly had an impact in the Greenville community,” Main said. “Our Rabbi, Bronwen Mullin, she’s been very active in building bridges between the Jewish community and the African American community near where the shooting happened. The shooting happened in a Hasidic community, which was the target of the shooting.”

Rabbi Yisroel Kahan also spoke with TheDarkWire.com on Thursday, saying “It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since the TERROR attack in Jersey City. We mourn the lives of Miguel Rodriguez, Mindy French, Moshe Deutsch and last but NOT least Detective Joseph Seals, who’s HEROIC actions saved the lives of many. more.”

Kahan is the Executive Director of Oizrim Jewish Council, which serves as a liaison between the Jewish community, law enforcement, and local municipalities.

He continued, “With Channukah (the festival of lights) beginning tonight, let’s resolve to honor the memories of those who perished, and to support their loved ones. Let’s be kind to one another and stand up in the face of HATE at ALL times… and as the Chasidic teaching a little light casts away a LOT of darkness. May G-d almighty end all tyranny from amongst us.”

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal has committed himself to making the state safer and more inclusive.

“I want everyone in the community to know that the painful memories of last year linger for all of us. That we haven’t forgot the tragedy or lives lost. That were honoring them by committing ourselves to make our state safer, more accepting and tolerant and more just,” Grewal said in a Twitter video commemorating the anniversary of the attack.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy echoed his statement saying, “This year as we start Hanukkah, we do so in somber memory of all those lost to all matter of tragedy this year, but also with the hope of the future that light will always overcome darkness.”

The Bnai Jacob Congregation memorial service begins at 6:30 p.m. EST and can be viewed at this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82406627661  

Annaliese Levy

Annaliese Levy