Jewish man attacked in Brooklyn, suspects remain at large

A Jewish man was attacked in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Wednesday night when he was approached by several suspects who hit him in the head with a water bottle.

The perpetrators of the attack are still at large, the NYPD has confirmed to However, the NYPD did not disclose how many attackers were involved.

The attack occurred at 8:45 PM at the intersection of Myrtle Avenue & Marcy Avenue, the NYPD has confirmed to Additionally, the victim did not sustain any injuries, this publication has learned.

Williamsburg News posted the following videos and pictures shortly after the incident happened Wednesday:

Brooklyn has been the site of many of the antisemitic attacks in America in recent years. In fact, 149 antisemitic incidents happened in 2019 in Brooklyn alone, according to the Anti Defamation League (ADL).

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