One Afghan Family’s Struggle To Escape Taliban-controlled Afghanistan

The following is an account of Syed Ahmed Zaki Mosavy and his family’s struggle to escape Taliban-controlled Afghanistan during August 2021. Even with aid from the U.S. Embassy, this family was beaten and denied entry at the airport gates. Thanks to Senator Tom Cotton, Syed’s family was able to flee before it was too late. This is their story:

Hi my name is Syed Ahmed Zaki Mosavy and I’m here to tell you my story.

I’m an Afghan born and raised. I was born in Afghanistan. I’m 20 years old, my father used to [be] a driver and my mother a teacher. We had a good life before [the] Taliban took over. After that my mother was never able to teach again and our only source of income was my father. In 2006 my father was a driver for a Korean church and organization and my uncle was working for NATO and US army as translator and engineer. They had taken the Koreans for a drive and we invited them over to our house to show good hospitality. It was couple years later [when] we found out that my dad was killed by [the] Taliban because he helped drive them around. He was shot 10 times and his body was delivered to our home along with threats letter from [the] Taliban that they’ll kill my family and my uncle’s family total of 30 people or so. We then finally decided to flee to Pakistan to go to UNHCR and my uncle left to Iran because of fear of [the] Taliban! We finally made it to [the] United States in 2016.

After couple years we went to visit my mother who was sick […] on July 16 2021. We planned to come back to [the] US on 16 August but we were unable due to [the] Taliban takeover. We received an email from [the] US embassy that said they can help us and we were very happy for it. But when the time came we went to airport, we were met with full force of [the] Taliban and Afghan army. They asked for my citizenship and I showed them, but because of my nationality and my race, they kicked me to the ground, they hit me with [the] back of AK-47 and slapped me couple times. They hit my mother and sisters. But they didn’t allow us to go inside. We decide[d] to go back and go again the next day but from different gate, a gate that was controlled by [the] Taliban. We went there the next day and waited for couple hours. We again got beat up but this time we decided to stay and just go through it all. We wait[ed] for hours and hours and my sick mother fainted. We had no other option but to go back home. We were helpless, hopeless!

We saw something on Twitter that Sen. Tom [Cotton] had published and said if you are American stranded in Afghanistan please reach out. We had sent [an] email and then he reached out and took our information. Mr. Tom [Cotton] had tried and worked in our case and put us priority.

Syed Ahmed Zaki Mosavy

Syed Ahmed Zaki Mosavy