Target: Antifa

Since 2016 federal law enforcement agencies and the Department of Homeland Security have issued warnings that the leftist extremist groups known as ‘Antifa’ pose a significant danger to the community and country.

The Department of Homeland security formally classified the group’s activities as ‘domestic terrorist violence,’ according to documents declassified in 2017.

However, not enough is known about the group’s activities, financing, structure or its plans to disrupt the 2020 election. Members of the left-wing anarchist organization have made open proclamations against President Trump, disrupted events and have targeted Trump supporters and law enforcement. 

Currently, it’s not possible to know how many people belong to Antifa in the United States. There are, however, cells across the country even internationally. Whether by design it is not certain but the possibility that the group can be co-opted for operations against political candidates is very real. The group claims it has no official leaders but that is disputed by some federal law enforcement officials who believe that there are leaders coordinating the groups to target various events. 

More disturbing, is the concern that many leftist politicians have done little to speak out against the radical extremists and some have even been supportive of the militant thinking group. 

This project seeks to expose Antifa, its financing and its leadership. The exposure will not only educate the public but provide extraordinary tools for lawmakers, law enforcement and educators. 

It is time to find out the truth behind Antifa and expose the dangerous risk the anarchist group poses to the 2020 election.

Policy Goals:

  • Become a reliable source for Media. 
  • Become a reliable source for the Executive Branch and Congress. 
  • Become a reliable source for state officials. 
  • Become a reliable source of information for the public. 

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