Two Websites sell Antisemitic ‘Holocough’ Apparel


Redbubble, an Australian-based website that sold “Make Israel Palestine Again” apparel, is now selling merchandise that is referencing “Holocough,” a white supremacist meme that circulated in May- “If you have the bug, give a hug. Spread the flu to every Jew. Holocough.”

Redbubble and TeeSpring were called out on Twitter by @StopAntisemites for selling the anti-Semitic merchandise.

TeeSpring responded and said they will be removing the content from their website as it is prohibited under their policies. Redbubble has yet to comment and the merchandise is still available for purchase on their website.

The individual who is responsible for the designs has been identified as a former student of a Wisconsin high school.

Officials at the school have yet to comment.

According to The Daily Beast, the “Holocough” term has been used as a tagline for a number of conspiracy theories in recent months. One theory suggests the coronavirus pandemic is a Jewish invention created for profit or population control.

The “Holocough” meme circulated in neo-Nazi groups, who were urging followers to cough on synagogues and to lick items in Kosher aisles.

Last year, Redbubble was pressured to remove items with “Make Israel Palestine Again” and “Zyklon B” printed on them, after images of the items circulated on social media. Also last year, there were complaints of miniskirts being sold with the Arabic word for God, “Allah,” and handbags printed with images of death camps.

At the time, a Redbubble spokesperson said the platform was working to ensure offensive products do not remain on the site.

Annaliese Levy

Annaliese Levy